Larimar are some of the rarest gemstones found on our planet Earth today. These renowned gemstones are only found, in a select one square km of Land in the Caribbean, in what was once a volcano. In terms of gem stone popularity within the World today, it’s unanimous that Larimar, are definitely highly sought after. It’s immense popularity Globally (in the West and East), is very understandable once you have witnessed the changing & shifting eternal hues of blue and green within the gemstone.

Once seen it’s unforgettable beauty is addictive, leaving one dazzled, amazed, bewitched and mesmerized by it’s attractive sheen. It’s claim to recently, increased Global attention can be attributed to three major reasons.

Firstly, many people believe that the Larimar are the long lost blue stones, of lost Atlantis, from centuries ago. According to the famous prophet, Edgar Cayce, these long lost blue stones would be rediscovered again one day, and would be a testament to the real existence of Atlantis. On our Caribbean island, the lost remnants of an ancient Atlantis, our Dominican republic is the lucky recipient of this wonderful volcanic gem.

Larimar is also known by many other names, such as the Dolphin Stone, Stefilia’s Stone, Blue Pectolite, the Atlantis Stone and of the course the 1974 name of Larimar, or in Chinese 拉利玛 (THE Blue Dolphin paradise stone). Many believe that the metaphysical powers endowed upon this gem, are due to it’s lost origins from Atlantis, and it’s capability in healing the body from an array of viruses , bacteria and other ailments. It’s healing prowess is well documented and has attracted the eyes of healers and esoteric therapists. It’s also garnered huge attention from jewelry manufacturers who love the rare colors, and shine from this coveted gemstone. Once set in a jewelry piece, it will command the attention within a crowd, capturing the gaze of a casual viewer, and allowing their view to linger on the sheer beauty.

The blue stones of Atlantis are gaining popularity within esoteric circles also. This mainly due to the fact that Larimar can cure illnesses, get rid of stress , high blood pressure, induce calmness, clarity of mind, enhance communicative skills, empower intuition , and inner wisdom. It can even help fisherman attract great bounties from the sea since sea creatures are attracted to the blue stone. There are so many more qualities that appeal to many different users of Larimar. Some due diligence online and research will reveal, the fact that Larimar is already a multi-million dollar industry which is growing.

It really doesn’t matter what is appealing to you, with regards to the blue stones of Atlantis. Whether you deeply believe in its healing properties and magical powers, or in the ancient myths of a lost civilization, or love it’s use in jewelry pieces too. One thing is for certain, the price of Larimar is gaining traction and soaring to new heights yearly.

Larimar is only found within a patch of land no bigger than a square kilometer, in what was once a volcano. Our precious blue stones aren’t just found on the small island, or aren’t just found in a small province of this island neither. They aren’t found in a small town within this province, they’re exclusively located in an area that is two-thirds the size of Disneyland or as large as the Vatican City.

Aside from its beauty, and the extreme rareness of the blue stones, one must consider the difficulty in it’s being mined. The rarity and extreme mining conditions, have also appreciated it’s value year after year. Currently the stones are in such high demand that some are trying to replicate, and regenerate them in labs. Unfortunately, fake ones are being sold to consumers, who have no idea on how to spot an authentic blue stone of Atlantis.

As the demand of our precious blue stones increase, so has the increased proliferation of fake stones imitating the genuine Larimar. The smuggling of the stones has also become a problem for the community that works so diligently to mold this precious gemstone into existence within the World. Though it is illegal to export the mineral out of the country in its rough state, an easy search online will reveal International vendors selling it illegally in this form.

The stones that are sold in rough form have not yet been taxed by the Dominican government, and this obviously deprives the local population from much needed sources of revenue, and capital. Moreover, it effects the artisan workers who’s entire livelihood depends on being able to work on Larimar. They simply lose out on the work and without work there is no income for them to support themselves and their families, within the communities. With increased demand today, prices have appreciated within the Global pricing arena. However, most of the local miners are lucky if they see fifty US cents per gram for their Larimar. These unethical pricing structures and discrepancies will soon be over thanks to this the scope of this project.

With the association of Larimar miners, the association of Larimar artisan workers and the Atlantis Blue Project collaboratively and collectively forming the first Larimar exchange, changes will be now made. It will be known as the Atlantis Blue Exchange or the AB Exchange for short, and will be the only point of sale and distribution of our precious blue stones to all vendors, domestically and internationally.


The number one problem within the current operations of the Larimar industry, are the fluctuating price differences which can be easily spotted around the world.

Larimar , is able to settle at higher prices of 20 USD / gram and upwards (depending on the quality and color) compared to the disparity of illegally sold / grams of Larimar, selling as low as $3-4 USD a gram. It is important to know that just like diamonds, that not every stone of Larimar is the same color or contains the same quality of carat in the stone.

Actually Larimar is much brighter in colder climates, and darker in warmer climates. On average Larimar jewelry is more commonly worn during the summer months. As previously mentioned, Larimar is a semi-precious gem that is only found in an extinct volcano, on the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic. Its rareness is what’s pushing its price upwards, with its soaring demand.



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