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Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens (ABDT) And Tron (TRX)

Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens (ABDT) And Tron (TRX) Token Exchanging Is Now Easier Than Ever From now on you will be able to get Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens (ABDT) on the Tron network. As of today, the users from the Tron mainnet will be able to exchange TRX tokens for ABDT. Once the users are on the mainnet, they should go to the Tokens section, find the Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens and enter the number of TRX that they want to use to get ABDT in exchange.

Stellar Network Based Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens

To assume that Larimar is rare is an oversimplification. This blue gem is only located in a part of the Caribbean that was once the setting of a volcano, an area crossing a single square kilometer. Larimar has many causes for its recognition and reputation that includes its rarity. Larimar is invariably amongst the top five rarest gems on Earth.

Atlantis Blue Offers a Truly Precious Token Backed by a Unique Gem - Larimar!

Larimar is one of the rarest semi-precious gems on Earth, found only in the Dominican Republic on a small plot of land that used to be a volcano. The elegance and exquisite beauty of the gem make it a popular jewelry stone, with demand for it growing steadily each year. Consumption of Larimar more than tripled over the past two years, but price discrepancies, illegal exports, and falsifications still plague the industry, according to Atlantis Blue research.

Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens - On The Radar

We can’t ignore the buzz going around about Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens [ABDT]. It seems that their bounty campaign is working well for them. We found the project to be quite impressive. It is a mining operation of rare gems called Larimar.

AMBCrypto’s reporting team conducted a phone interview with Gladys Henriquez, the Business Strategy Manager for Atlantis Blue. Below is the Q&A session.

Atlantis Blue Digital Token Progress Report

The team behind the Atlantis Blue Project has been steadily making progress and advancing its reach internationally. Here are some of the most recent development and news from Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens:

Anyone Can Make Direct Purchases

When the ICO began, Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens were only sold to market makers and large investors. This was due to the lack of manpower within the administrative department. Now, however, thanks to their recent growth, this is no longer the case and they can sell directly to everyone without fear of not processing transactions in a timely manner.

Atlantis Blue Token – Pedra Preciosa Digital

Atlantis Blue é formada por mineiros que extraem as pedras preciosas, tratam, fabricam e distribuem. Por muitos anos, suas famílias foram na mesma linha de trabalho e agora é a nossa vez de continuar e encontrar uma maneira mais benéfica para todas partes envolvidas, incluindo os clientes.

A Atlantis Blue é a união de associação de mineradores, artesões, canais de distribuição e exploradores. O projeto foi inicializado para ser auto-regulável e ter medidas de controle para melhorar a condição da comunidade.

Breaking the Chains of Colonialism – Atlantis Blue Digital Token

It is very common for resource-rich nations, which once were under colonial rule, to remain poor even after freeing themselves from the superpowers that subjugated them. A look to the south of the equator serves as a reminder that although a country might be wealthy in resources doesn’t necessarily translate into wealth for its citizens.

There are many theories that try to explain this phenomena, such as political corruption, lack of investment to ensure sustainable growth and lack of the necessary technology to fully exploit their riches. The latter is the bigger culprit due to the fact that underdeveloped nations don’t have the needed technology to fully extract their riches without needing the help of a more developed nation. So though colonial rule might have come to end, the unseen chains of colonialism are still intact.

Atlantis Blue ICO: Larimar Gem Mining Token on The Stellar Network

Atlantis Blue shows yet another real-world application of cryptocurrency, securing Larimar, a semi-precious gem. This stone is found only within a particular dead volcano on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, alongside the Dominican Republic. Larimar is also known as the Blue Stone of Atlantis, hence the name for the platform. The Atlantis Blue Project exists on the Stellar Network, which is already well established and has a strong reputation in the crypto community. The new currency will be Atlantic Blue Digital Tokens, and it will dramatically improve the entire process of mining and selling Larimar.

Larimar Goes Digital – Semi-Precious Gem Meets Stellar

One might think that these days it is very cliché to see blockchain and cryptocurrencytechnology as a panacea for all that is wrong in our world, or for anything that needs improvement. However, it wouldn’t be smart to not recognize the revolution and disruption that bitcoin and its “children,” in this case Stellar, are causing in many aspects of our lives. Therefore, it shouldn’t be any surprise that when a community of miners, who’s entire livelihood revolves around a gorgeous gem called Larimar, saw the same being threatened, their solution was to turn to Stellar, its super secured network and decentralized exchange for the solution.


While the Larimar trade has recently been corrupted by malicious actors due to the popularity of the gemstone, the Atlantis Blue Project seeks to use Stellar’s blockchain to thwart this activity and restore its balance.


Larimar is a rare gemstone found in the province of Barahona of the Dominican Republic. The stone is coveted by many due to its rumored healing powers, ability to increase one’s communication skills, and desirability as a stone used in fine jewelry. Also known as the Atlantis Stone, Larimar’s blue color comes from its substitution of copper for calcium in its formation.

Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens On stellar

Our Earth is not only minerals such as oil, gold, gas, but also rare precious minerals, stones that are converted into jewelry. Someone buys them for beauty, raising or showing status in society, others believe in their healing properties, and others - in order to increase their capital as an investment tool.



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