How To Buy Tokens

Please see the below video for instructions on how to acquire Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens on the SDEX.

KYC Form

Not available for USA customers

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Buying with XLM

Send your Lumens to this wallet

We accept cash and other forms of payment through EPAY

We accept USD, EUR, BTC and ETH through EPAY.Our Epay wallet address is [email protected].

Further Instructions

You must trust our issuing Stellar wallet address before you can receive your tokens: GDZURZR6RZKIQVOWZFWPVAUBMLLBQGXP2K5E5G7PEOV75IYPDFA36WK4

Please note that we will take the balance you send us and we will convert it into ABDT (Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens) using the market price of the cryptocurrency you sent at the time of arrival.

We will deposit your ABDT in a Stellar wallet. It is important that you have an active wallet or you won’t be able to receive ABDT. To activate you Stellar wallet you need a few XLM (Lumens). For more info please see Stellar’s web page.

For any issues, please contact our support via email at, support (at) atlantisbluestones (dot) com, or you could check the chat application on this website to speak with us if we are online.



For purchases of 50K+, please contact us directly through our support email. Applies during ICO only. After ICO, all sales, large and small will be at market price.


[email protected]